OnLive Set To Hit The UK

by on May 13, 2010

It has today been announced that OnLive, the game service that could potentially revolutionise the games industry, will be made available in the UK. The service will allow users to play the latest games from developers/publishers such as EA and Ubisoft without the need of owning a high end gaming PC or console.

British Telecom (BT) are said to have joined forces with the American based company to bring the service to the UK. This news comes after it was announced that BT had purchased a small share (2.6%) in the gaming company. OnLive will be available in the USA this summer with an unspecified later date set for the UK. According to Steve Perlman (OnLive Founder & CEO), “BT has an exclusive right to bundle the OnLive Game Service together with their broadband service offerings in the UK, although UK gamers will also be able to order the OnLive Game Service directly from OnLive to run over any UK ISP”. Thank God for that eh?!

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