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E3 2010: Nintendo Keynote

by on June 15, 2010

We had Microsoft yesterday show us what their plans are for the future and many of us were underwhelmed by what they had to offer, but with a new day comes a new company and this time its Nintendo’s turn to wow us.

The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword

Nintendo kicked of their E3 campaign with The Legend Zelda: Skyward Sword revealing a return to cell shaded graphics. The graphical style is mature compared to Wind Waker, no kiddy Link here.  The game will use the Wii-mote and nun-chuck to control shield and sword with Wii motion plus supported for precise sword play.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto demonstrated the game showing off some of the sword play and attempted to show some bow and arrow action but blamed the crowd for wireless interference, which thwarted the Nintendo man’s efforts to produce a smooth demo. Miyamoto assures us the game is working fine on the show floor (Ed –  we hope).

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is slated for a 2011 release.

Mario Sports Mix

Reggie talks about sports titles on the whole and how they fit into two different genres, realistic and arcade fun. He talks about popular franchises from EA sports, 2K games and even Konami before moving onto Mario (wait, what? more mario golf?) Mario returns in his own sports title that has him tackling a wide variety of sports.

He also makes note of a new NBA Jam title in the works which isn’t elaborated upon beyond a logo.

Wii Party

An all new party game from Nintendo which will once again take advantage of Nintendo Mii’s. Wii Party will have 13 game modes includign a board game and balance boat game.

Holiday release expected.

Golden Sun

A Ninetendo DS game is unveiled, it so happens to be Golden Sun, they are bringing it back and it will be hitting stores this holiday season.

Golden Eye Wii

Bringing back the good old FPS, Golden Eye Wii will bring back classic enemies like Jaws and introduce new modes such as paintball and hand to hand combat. Daniel Craig will star as James Bond andh the game will feature eight classic bond characters.

Arrives exclusively on the Wii this holiday.

Dragon Quest: Sentinel Skies

A favourite among some of the Godisageek members makes its way over to western shores. A lot of statistics are thrown around including the amount of customisable items, enemies, quests and extra content quests. Reggie also decides to inform the crowd about  the ability to share content with passers by who also have the game.

Disney’s Epic Mickey

Warren Spector comes out to tell us about a game based on mickey mouse himself. I can only wonder why Spectors talents are being wasted on such a title. A quest based game based on mickeys history where he must no doubt take on menial tasks(or not, this is Spector we are talking about).

Mickey has full control over his world using his paintbrush! Yes, thats right you’ll be able to erase cast members? trees? buildings? and create things in the world on your whim. Worlds are accessed through film reels via the world hub ala Mario 64  and are scrolling levels based on mickeys late cartoons.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey kong is back baby and so is diddy infact. The barrel hopping platforming fun remains intact while the signature music belts away in the background.

Metroid Other M

We are shown Samus in action moving between 2d and 3d views, activating consoles seems to change environments. The new HUD is designed to instill a sense of isolation.

August 31st release date.


To cap off the show Nintendo brought out the big gun, the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie starts by talking down 3D tv’s and the infamous glasses before giving us a recap of how 3D tech has worked until now. The Nintendo 3Ds will use no glasses projecting a 3D image direct from the screen. Iwata steps out to show us the 3DS which appears to have a 3.5 inch wide screen on top and a standard touch sensitive bottom screen.

3D can be turned on and off with graphical improvements present to bring the DS closer to the PSP in the visuals department.Controls have been updated too with motion sensor and an analog “slide pad”.

3D movies from Warner Bros, Dreamworks and Disney are available on the 3DS bringing 3D content to the device straight away.

Emphasis is put on the fact that no 3D glasses are required for the 3DS, the naked eye is all you need but it’s unclear if a specific viewing angle is required to produce the full 3D effect. The 3DS will come with two integrated camera’s which will take and display 3D pictures.

Project Sora is in place to create 3D content such as Kid Icarus which returns to debut on the 3DS with Kid Icarus Uprising. We get a quick look at the game

The 3DS supports automatic communication between other DS’s and some sort of internet feature that automatically downloads data for games.

Nintendo have musters some 3rd party support for their new handheld including Activisions DJ Hero, EA’s Madden NFL, Ubisofts Assassins Creed and Konamis MGS. To cap things of Nintendo show us a short video of game developers such as Hideo Kojima and Ryan Stradling talking up the 3DS and how great new experiences can be created with it.

To cap things off Nintendo give everyone attending the conference the chance to sample the 3DS via sexy ladies attached to the console itself (kinky).