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New Xbox 360 “Slim” 4GB Model Announced

by on July 20, 2010

To go along with the pricing of Kinect, (we knew it was coming) Microsoft have also announced a brand new Xbox 360 “slim” (it’s more squashed than slim) model which will include 4GB of internal flash memory. Fear not memory junkies, this new model will also include a slot for hard drive so if you require more space you can go and purchase a hard drive. Thanks Microsoft, you’re so kind! To differentiate this new model from the recently released 250GB “slim”, Microsoft have slapped a matte finish over the console rather than making it a super shiny dust magnet. Other than that this 4GB “slim” console is exactly the same as the 250GB “slim”, which means the built in Wi-Fi adapter remains intact.

This new model will cost $199.99 in North America, £149.99 in the UK and €199.99 in the rest of Europe. It doesn’t end there though, as Microsoft also announced a bundle that will include Kinect. This will retail in North America at $299.99, £249.99 in the UK and €299.99 in the rest of Europe. Microsoft have said this new 4GB Xbox 360 “slim” will be launched on August 3rd in North America and later in the month in other regions. The Kinect bundle will be available sometime in November when the motion sensing device is released.