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Fable III Kingmaker App On Its Way

by on September 29, 2010

In a similar move to the Fable Pub Games DLC that was released in conjunction with Fable II, allowing players to build up a wodge of cash before they even set foot in the main game, this year Lionhead and Microsoft are releasing Fable III: Kingmaker – an App for smartphones. Kingmaker will let players experience casual games that will earn them money to be used in Fable III.

The war between “the tyrant king’s Royals and the revolutionary Rebels” of Albion will play out in the App. This involves the placing of virtual flags for either one of the two competing sides, throughout real locations in the UK. By doing this, you will earn power-ups and receive gold coins, which can be transferred into Fable III, further down the line.

The official website of Fable III: Kingmaker, says the App will be released on October 1st. There are not yet any details on which smartphone platforms will be supported.