The Steam app gets a long overdue update and visual overhaul

by on October 13, 2022

The Steam app has finally been given a major update by Valve, and it’s night and day in terms of visual quality. 

While Valve has often led the way with things like the Valve Index for VR, or even the recently released Steam Deck, the app has felt like a browser window inside an app shell for years now, but this new update really does bring a lot new aside the visual update, though it’s still not possible to redeem game codes (you have to use a mobile web link to do that) within the app.

One of the biggest features is the QR code login, which means once activated on your mobile device, you can just use your phone to scan a QR code on a PC (or even Steam Deck via a future update) and log in super-quick. Having tested that on a browser, it’s excellent and works flawlessly.


Features of the app

  • Two-factor authentication to ensure you’re the only one with access to your account
  • QR code sign in – Scan a QR code to sign into Steam instead of entering a password or…
  • Sign in confirmation – Confirm your regular Steam sign ins with simple “approve” or “deny”
  • Authorized Devices – Manage access to the devices your account has signed in
  • Easy access to the Store, Community, News, etc from wherever you are
  • Your Library with access to your game content, discussions, guides, support, and more
  • Remote download of games and updates on your PC, managed from your phone
  • Customizable Steam notifications: wishlist, sales, comments, trades, discussions, friend requests, and more
  • Trade and Market confirmations – to ensure items don’t leave your account without your approval
  • An improved Store browsing experience for mobile screens
  • Support for using multiple Steam accounts in the app
  • Customizable tabs

One of the nice features is that remote downloading, but the improved store is just a far better experience overall. You can update your existing app, or grab it from the iOS Store or Google Play marketplace.