Interactive comic app Charisma out now on iOS and Android

by on March 20, 2020

Blending the lines between video game and graphic novel, interactive comic app Charisma out now on iOS and Android. With 4 series available now, including a Sherlock Holmes Vampire story, you can help shape the narrative of these gorgeous comics.

“Developed by To Play For, the interactive narrative games company, Charisma opens up with adaptations of graphic novels series from French comic book publisher Delcourt to create stunning stylised settings across titles from Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London and Akademy to the supernatural Shadows of the Strix to post-apocalyptic novel Centaurus.

Guy Gadney, CEO of To Play For and Charisma.ai, commented: “Once audiences have finished stories in their linear form we are seeing that they want to dive into more immersive experiences – something we term ‘vertical bingeing’ – spending time with the characters and stories they already love.

“Audiences want to get closer to the stories they love, and Charisma takes this to a new level that has only recently been possible through the creative use of natural language processing technology.”

It’s free to start the comics, so if you’re a fan of graphic novels it’s definitely worth a download to your phone.