[CLOSED] Dead Space 2 Competition #1

by on January 27, 2011

To celebrate the release of Dead Space 2 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we’re going to be holding two seperate competitions where the lucky winner will receive some rather cool Dead Space related prizes. “What are these prizes?”, we hear you ask. Well, the winner of each competition will receive a signed copy of the Dead Space Salvage comic book and the blu-ray version of Dead Space Aftermath.

That’s right, each winner will receive two prizes. That’s how much we love you guys! Can you feel it? Can you feel the love?

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

Question  – In the original Dead Space, what is the name of the ship Isaac Clarke and his team are on before they crash land into the docking bay of the USG Ishimura?

To take part in the competition, please @ reply us with your answer on Twitter (we are @GodisaGeek, just in case you didn’t know) or post your entry in the dedicated thread on our forum.

This first competition will end at 1pm (UK time) on January 28th 2011 and a winner will then be picked at random. The second competition will be starting soon after, so please keep an eye on the website for more details.

Terms & Conditions – This competition is open to UK residents only. Participants must be at least 15 years of age as that is the age restriction listed on the Dead Space Aftermath blu-ray. This competition will close at 1pm (UK time) on January 28th 2011 and a winner will then be picked at random. The decision of the GodisaGeek.com staff is final. By entering this competition, we assume that you have read the rules that we have put in place and that you agree to them.