Jurassic Park Game To Take Pointers From Heavy Rain

by on January 15, 2011

Telltale GamesSteven Spielberg may be having trouble getting a fourth instalment of the film franchise off the ground and into cinemas but, in an exclusive article with Game Informer, developers Telltale Games have revealed the first details about their new game based in the Jurassic Park world. As Telltale is a company who made a name for themselves producing Adventure Games such as the Sam & Max series and the recent Back to the Future adventure, they have come right out to make it clear this will not be just “another dinosaur shooting game.”

“As far as pacing goes, there are some things that are useful from the heritage of Telltale, but creating a new experience that pays off on both the slower-paced character building moments and high tension you expect from Jurassic Park is a new direction for Telltale,” said Executive Director Kevin Boyle. The team goes on to say that both their conversation and storytelling methods for the game will take great inspiration from Qunatic Dream’s Heavy Rain, promising that “the choices the players make result in changes to the details of the story. Players will know we are paying attention to the decisions they make.” Heavy Rain was one of our top 5 games of the year here at Godisageek, so that sounds like music to our ears.

The game will crossover with the first film somewhat in terms of time line, but will not focus on any of the famous main characters from the cinema outing. They will of course be part of the back-story, but unfortunately we won’t be pulling on our Jeff Goldblum leather trousers just yet. But in an exciting move, Telltale has promised a new Dinosaur threat that we haven’t seen before, a nocturnal hunter.

Telltale Games released the first episode of the Back to the Future series in December, with a second coming in February. Jurassic Park will be produced as a five-part downloadable series for PC and Mac, and has been suggested for console release – but for which systems remains unknown.

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