Xbox LIVE House Party Brings Five New Games In February

by on January 6, 2011

Prepare to get your groove on because Microsoft are throwing a House Party. Beginning in February, Microsoft will be running an online promotion called “Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party”. As part of the party, there will be five new games coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade. They are due to be released over a five week period of time beginning on February 16th and will feature several long-awaited titles, including the re-mastered version of Ubisoft cult classic Beyond Good and Evil.

Released in late 2003, the game is an action/adventure, following the story of Jade – an investigative reporter and martial artist – working as part of a resistance movement to uncover an alien conspiracy that threatens her homeworld. Featuring an innovative mix of fighting, platforming and photography elements, the game was critically acclaimed but never sold spectacularly. It has since built up a cult following online and has justified it’s online re-release.

Another major title to be included in the promotion is 2009 action/role-playing game Torchlight from Runic Games. Seen as an homage or indirect follow-up to the iconic Diablo games, this is another highly-anticipated title that has only been available for PC and Mac so far, so will be making its welcome console-based debut.

Rounding out the list will be Retro run-and-gun game from Konami – Hard Corps Rising, Bejeweled Blitz from Popcap Games and Microsoft Games Studio’s Full House Poker. Hard Corps will be the first game released, with the rest coming out one game per week afterwards.

Jade will return.

Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party kicks off on February 16th with Hard corps Rising, and then one other game each following week. The order has yet to be announced. There has been no further news on the PlayStation Network release of Beyond Good and Evil which was previously confirmed by Ubisoft.