Former Bizarre Creations Employees Make A Comeback!

by on March 23, 2011

It appears there is a little light at the end of the tunnel for more of the talented guys that were left jobless after Bizarre Creations went under. The trio of  Ben Ward, Stephen Cakebread (Geometry Wars designer/programmer) and designer Pete Collier (PGR and 007 anybody!?) have decided to strike back!

Together they have announced the founding of independent game developer Hogrocket.

Collier has stated on his blog that:-

“We are an indie game development studio focused on mobile, social and connected platforms.”

“Forming Hogrocket is a big deal for me; I’ve always wanted to run my own company. To be able to combine this with my passion for design is a prospect I’m relishing. Don’t get me wrong it’s also very scary; going from a regular wage to surviving off your wits alone is daunting. But in some ways this is also the point, this is a challenge that I could not live with myself for not attempting.”

“I’m also incredibly lucky to be in a position where I’ve found two super talented people (and hopefully others soon too) to go on this journey with. That’s not something to be under estimated. Quite often however much you want to set up a company the timing isn’t right or the team isn’t there. Finding people who have the same risk profile and similar aspirations is a very specific ask. Suffice to say I’m excited about the future and already enjoying the creative freedom and liberations of working in a small, dynamic team.”

According to the official Hogrocket site the trio are already hard at work on their first title and we are here at GodisaGeek are anxious to see what they will come up with. Good luck to them!