Xperia Play Launch Delays

by on March 31, 2011

Those looking forward to the release of Sony Ericsson’s new device might be in for a little disappointment. Vodafone are now the second (following 02’s earlier announcement) to state that they won’t be offering the phone up in time for the April 1st launch date in the UK.

Sony Ericsson have stated they have “experienced a freight issue that may impact the number of Xperia Plays arriving at some retail outlets”, but intends for the launch to continue as planned tomorrow. This means that some stores will still have the sleek device for purchase.

Vodafone told Eurogamer, “We contacted our customers who pre-ordered the device yesterday to advise them that Sony Ericsson had informed us that they hadn’t been able to ship the devices in for the 1st April launch date to the UK”, but are expecting the delay to be a matter of days instead of weeks.

It would be a shame for a transportation incident to put a dent in the launch of what looks like a promising device.