Burst Bubbles In 3D With Puzzle Bobble Universe On 3DS

by on April 20, 2011

Square-Enix are bringing the bubble-shooting mayhem that is Puzzle Bobble to the 3DS. Puzzle Bobble Universe (also known as Bust-A-Move-Universe) will be released in the UK on 21st April and across Europe on 22nd April. The classic colour-matching puzzle series has had many iterations over the years and has appeared on almost every console imaginable, but this entry will see its first foray into the world of three-dimensional gaming. And in anticipation of this huge step in 3D, Square-Enix have released a new trailer for your viewing pleasure.

Puzzle Bobble Universe sees brothers Bub and Bob facing more bubble trouble as they stumble across an unmanned spaceship and a distant cry for help. Unknown to the dinosaur duo, several surrounding planets have “doors” in their vicinity which have been opened, releasing floods of bubbles that are rapidly turning into hazardous space-debris. With Bob captured by the Boss, Bub must act fast to ensure the future safety of all the planets and their inhabitants.

The game features 88 stages and a host of new features, which we detailed when it was first announced.

Check out the new trailer below:

Puzzle Bobble Universe will be released on 22nd April, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS (21st April in the UK on account of the Easter holiday).