Become A Superhero With PowerUp Heroes For Kinect

by on April 13, 2011

Holy Cow Batman!

Ubisoft have announced forthcoming title PowerUp Heroes, which will see players become Superheroes in a full-body combat game – which will be controlled by Kinect exclusively. The game will be developed by Longtail Studios and makes use of the Xbox 360 Avatars to create heroes, who will then have the chance to face off in one-on-one combat against evil enemies and your own friends both locally and over Xbox LIVE.

Using the Kinect technology, PowerUp Heroes is an ultimate super power-infused full-body fighting game. Players control each move in combat by using their entire body to launch projectiles, dodge strikes and counter deadly attacks. Players can unleash attacks on their opponents in a two-player cosmic showdown online. Additional modes include local two-player versus and four-player tournament.

Players use their unique Xbox 360 avatars to create custom playable superheroes in the game and prepare their avatar for battle by infusing their super suit with deadly powers and special abilities. After the player’s character destroys an enemy in battle, they will strip them of the super suit and wield their power for their next battle. There are 20 super suits to collect including the mighty Necromancer suit which allows the player to control a horde of skeletons, and the Mentalist suit that gives the player the ability to break into their enemy’s mind.

To celebrate this “super” announcement, Ubisoft also showed off a suitably silly live-action trailer, that shows some everyday kids dreaming about becoming real heroes – and those dreams coming true through the use of their Xbox Kinect. Isn’t technology great? It does feature some in-game fighting footage though, so check it out below:

PowerUp Heroes will be available worldwide June 2011, exclusively for Xbox 360 Kinect.