Battlefield Heroes Add Two New Superhero Characters

by on June 30, 2011

Electronic Arts are celebrating the “Summer of Heroes” in Battlefield Heroes, as they add two new fighter classes to their free-to-play online game. Last month, the Heroic Bucaneers, joined the game, bringing heavy explosive weaponry to the title. Now, this month the development team have returned with another group of exclusive characters – the Extraordinary Heroes. This pack consists of Captain Royal and Metallo, two superhero skins, that let the player use super speed and super jumps when battling their foes.

The new Superhero items, along with the Pirate ones, are all available to purchase from the website of the game, using Battlefield Battlefunds. 700 Battlefunds cost £4.49, and the new packs are priced as follows; Captain Royal set – 1575 BF, Metallo set – 1676 BF, Blackbeard’s Buccaneer Set – 1200 BF, Jack’s Swashbuckler Set – 1800 BF and Blackbeard’s Treasure Chest – 210 BF. So, want to get an edge over your online opponents? Pick up some of the new “Summer of Heroes” add-on packs today.

View the trailers for all of the new content below:

Battlefield Heroes is a free-to-play online game from the team behind Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. It’s fun cartoon-style graphics and gameplay caters to players of all skill levels.

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