Mortal Kombat DLC Character Available Now

by on June 21, 2011

It seems that, for all its pretensions of being a “violent” and “gory” game, Mortal Kombat is a bit soft. A little cute. A bit, well, tame.

The developers seem to have taken this (completely spurious) criticism to heart and addressed it by making Skarlet available as a DLC character. Made entirely from the absorbed blood of defeated foes, Skarlet gains strength from draining and consuming the blood of her fallen adversaries.

Finally, after all the twee decapitations and mundane stabbings, developer Netherealm have finally dialed up the violence to include full exsanguination of human beings (and demons). It is about bloody (ha!) time.

Skarlet is available to download for on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, priced £3.19 and 400MS points respectively. As the first of four new downloadable fighters to be made available, Skarlet can also be obtained as part of a Season Pass program on Xbox Live.

That is just about all the Skarlet information we can give you so, for now, why not enjoy this official gameplay trailer.