Orions 2: The Deckmasters Review

by on June 11, 2011

Game: Orions 2: The Deckmasters

Developer: MoreGames Entertainment

Publisher: Chillingo

Available on: iPhone & iPod Touch (Reviewed on iPhone)

When you think of card games you probably think of one of two things. You might imagine sitting around a poker table, everybody trying desperately to lie to each other in the most amazing way possible in order to get the most amount of cash or. Alternatively, you might envision a group of geeks sitting around a similar table shouting at each other about how their card is vastly superior to their opponents’ and how Picard is a million times better than Kirk.

However, with the advancement of technology over the recent years and the increasing popularity of devices such as the iPhone and iPad, these card games are no longer confined to dark corners of room and secret clubs. The have escaped their corporeal confines and can now live their lives on our hand-held devices, meaning that we can play with people across the world whenever we want.

Orions 2: The Deckmasters is just one of these games.

Orions2_TheDeckmasters_Screenshot (2)

The colours ... they're so beautiful ...

Upon starting Orions 2: The Deckmasters you’ll be given the opportunity to create a character before you jump into a tutorial. This tutorial is really important, even if you have experience of similar card games such as Magic: The Gathering. While the game is obviously based on games such as these, it’s just different enough to require even veteran players to have a look at the tutorial. Once you’ve completed it and you have acquired a small understanding of what’s required of you, you’ll be able to jump into the actual game and start taking over some land using the power of the cards.

The game revolves around capturing small islands which you travel between using a small air balloon that you’re in control of. Drag the balloon to the island you wish to capture, defeat the master of that island and, from that moment on, the island is yours to control. What sets Orions 2: The Deckmasters apart from other similar card games is the ability it gives you to erect buildings on the islands that you capture. Built in a manner similar to RTS games, these buildings enable the player to create new cards which can then be used against harder and harder enemies. The overall effect is that Orions 2: The Deckmasters plays like the love child of an interactive card game and a real-time strategy game.

Orions2_TheDeckmasters_Screenshot (2)

I see dead ... buildings

If this sounds like the type of game that you’re into playing, then you’ll find that Orions 2: The Deckmasters has a lot of longevity. If, however, you’re the type of person who gets bored with card games after playing a couple of rounds, then there’s nothing new here that’s going to keep you interested for long. However, if you love interactive card games then Orions 2: The Deckmasters is one of the better ones out there. There’s plenty of stuff to keep you entertained as well as the ability to play with anyone across the world.

This latter feature has the potential to give you hours of fun and, as with most iOS games, the cheap price point means that even if it’s something that you end up enjoying less than you thought you would, you’ve not lost much at all.

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