New SSX Character Comic Available

by on June 30, 2011

Holy Friggin’ friggers: a new character has been announced for SSX.

Psymon is his name and he is so cool that even though you pronounce his name “Simon” (like a Geography teacher or government accountant) you spell it “Psymon” (like a pretentious modern-artist or telekinetic alien).

Also on his Coolness Resume is the fact he loves nothing more than a good old illegal motorbike race against anonymous opponents, right in front of the rozzers. Awesome. Even more awesome is that all this information has been gleaned from a promotional comic published by EA, which is available for you to read right here on GodisaGeek.

So it appears that Psymon is back in the SSX roster and that his look has been toned down a bit from his outing in SSX Tricky. It is good that, despite this game being a reboot, EA is filling it with as much fan service as possible.

However, the bigger question raised by this comic is; who is the other masked rider? What hints are we getting for the career mode in SSX? Are we getting any? Or is this all just fun backstory fluff that will no bearing on the final game? It will be a long wait until early 2012 to find out.

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