SplodeCast: An Interview With Twisted Pixel’s Audio Lead, Matt Chaney

by on July 28, 2011

It’s no secret that we at God is a Geek are big fans of Twisted Pixel, so it was with great joy that when the opportunity to speak to the man behind the audio in their titles came up, we jumped at the chance!

Ranging from the insane babble that Ms. Splosion Man comes out with in their latest title, to how blue it got at times during the Comic Jumper voice recordings got, right up to recording The Gunstringer soundtrack, we quiz Mr Chainsaw hard!

As a bonus, after the interview, Calvin, Adam, Tony and Terry talk about their favourite tracks from Ms. Splosion Man, which are included in the SplodeCast in full! If you want to follow the lovely Matt, you can find him on Twitter with the username @_chainsaw – and you should do, because he’s ace!

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