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Whatcha Gonna Do Brother? Hulk Hogan Hits Saints Row: The Third

by on July 20, 2011

After the developers of the game, Volition, gave us a look at how over-the-top the gameplay in Saints Row: The Third can really be, they have now revealed that one of the biggest icons of the Pro Wrestling industry – well known for its over-the-top and flamboyant characters – will be voicing a character in the upcoming sequel. On top of that, one of the stars of the hit TV show LOST will also be making a return – after voicing a character in Saints Row 2 as well. And rounding out the celebrities will be a former Porn Star, turned actress – very Saints Row.

Thats right, Hulk Hogan will be lending his dulcet tones to Saints Row: The Third, playing the part of Angel DeLaMuerte (The Angel of Death) a professional wrestler who teams up with the Saints as he looks for revenge on his former tag-team partner. Porn Star / Actress Sasha Grey plays Viola DeWynter, one of the sisters who is in charge of the money in the Saints’ empire. And finally, Daniel Dae Kim, who was most famous for playing Jin-Soo Kwon in LOST, who comes back to play Johnny Gat once again. Gat is the chief lieutenant of the Third Street Saints, who has now become somewhat of a celebrity in the gameworld, and players will see his face plastered all over the city.

Saints Row: The Third is due for release on November 18th 2011 & will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360.

Source: Eurogamer.net