Backbreaker Vengeance Coming to PSN

by on August 24, 2011

When Backbreaker Vengeance first hit the Xbox Live Arcade it probably wasn’t what american football fans were expecting. Rather than a Madden-clone or arcade spin on the NFL, 505 Games and Natural Motion had conjured up something more akin to a kart racing game. Only with a dash of rhythm action thrown in. Basically, if you crossed the NFL with Mario Kart and Guitar Hero, then added a pinch of the Gauntlet event on classic 90s TV show Gladiators then you would have a good idea of what this game is about.

Players controlled an attacking or defending player, avoiding or making tacked respectively. Bonus points were awarded for skill moves and running in certain areas, with leaderboards available to show who is the boss. Apparently this was too much game to be imprisoned on the Xbox Live Arcade; 505 are announcing that Backbreaker Vengeance will now be available on the PlayStation Network.

The key features of the XBLA game remain: the Euphoria engine makes sure that every interaction between players is completely unique, with no pre-canned collision animations, giving the game an individual feel. Split-screen two player mode is present as well as three AI modes: Tackle Alley, Vengeance, and Supremacy. Objective based leaderboards also remain, ensuring that the game stays competitive.

GodisaGeek has spent some time with the Xbox Live version of BackBreaker Vengeance, with writer Sean scoring it a very impressive eight out of ten. Click here to read his review.

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Backbreaker Vengeance will be available to download from PSN on 24 August, 2011 in PAL territories only (Not available in North America).