Social and Hacking Approach in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Explained

by on August 9, 2011

Action RPG Deus Ex: Hunan Revolution has “Four pillars of gameplay” which include combat, stealth, social and hacking. The latter of the four are looked at in greater depth in a new video from Eidos developers Mary DeMarle, Jean-Francois Dugas, and Antoine Thisdale.

In the video, the three developers discuss that players will be able to convince people to give away clues in the game. Players will have to take on what Eidos is calling “social boss fights” where the player has to choose how to deal with a situation. Also mentioned, is the Augmentations that players can apply to increase their chances of excelling at the social side of gameplay.

In the hacking system, it is shown that players will be able to hack computers, safes and computer systems to get supplies or work their way around enemies without having to engage. The higher the capture ability of the player, the more things can be achieved through hacking. Turning droids onto the enemies is one of the highlights but decide for yourself in the full clip below.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases August 26 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.