Beenox is Developing a New, Open-World, Spider-Man Game

by on October 17, 2011

Well then web-heads, as you’ve no doubt heard there’s a new Spider-Man movie just on the horizon starring Britain’s very own Andrew Garfield as the mild-mannered Peter Parker. The new film, named The Amazing Spider-Man, will be swinging into our local movie theatres next year and, as has come to be expected, there will be a video game to accompany the latest adventures of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Beenox is Developing a New, Open-World, Spider-Man GameThe video game which, just like the film, will be named The Amazing Spider-Man is being developed by a special side-team over at Beenox, the guys that have been handling our beloved web-slinger for his past couple of outings (the latest of which, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, we conducted an interview with Peter David, the game’s writer, about). This specially dedicated team has already promised us a level of quality that most of us wouldn’t expect when it comes to movie tie-in games, with apparent improvements in the way that Spidey moves, and does combat, in the air.

There’s not much more information other that right now Mighty Marvelites but what do you think? Are you excited for a new open-world Spider-Man game? One that promises to recapture the feelings of arguably the best Spider-Man game to date, Spider-Man 2? Are you more excited for the video game of The Amazing Spider-Man or the movie? Could I have squeezed more Stan Lee-esque phrases into this news post? Let us know in the comments true believers!

Thanks to MCV UK for the news! Excelsior! (Thought I’d forgotten that one didn’t you?)

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