Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary Launch Date Trailer Takes us Back to Where it All Began

by on November 2, 2011

That time is almost uHalo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition Launch Date Trailer Takes us Back to Where it All Beganpon us, the time when we can go back to that original ring planet, the one that started it all. We’ll get to experience the covenant, the Halo system, 343 Guilty Spark and even the flood all over again; only this time in glorious HD along with a whole host of other features including co-op play, extra missions, extra modes, 3D support, Kinect support, and much more. All the festivities will be kicking off on the 15th November, 2011, the momentous 10th anniversary of the day we all were able to start playing the game that started it all; Halo: Combat Evolved. Lucky for us though, that News Editor Terry Lucy got to play it earlier, and according to his preview, he rather liked it!

“‘Halo: Anniversary’ is a token of gratitude to our fans for the incredible passion and dedication they’ve shown for the franchise over the past ten years,” said Dan Ayoub, executive producer of publishing at 343 Industries. “We’ve poured all our passion and energy into making ‘Halo: Anniversary’ a truly faithful remake of the original classic, and we can’t wait to join the fans online and commemorate ten years of historic gaming together on 15th November.”

Halo: Combat Evolved: Anniversary is set to launch on the 15th November, 2011 exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Will you be getting the remade version of a game you probably already played 10 years ago? Is the original Halo game worthy of a remake? What other games from the bygone ere would you remake if you could? Let us know in the comments below.