Now Everyone can Become a Superhero For Free

by on November 3, 2011

DC Universe OnlineSony Computer Entertainment can now proudly announce that DC Universe Online is now free for all PC and PlayStation 3 users to download and play. DC Universe Online allows gamers to create their own Superhero or Super-villain and to enter a massively-multiplayer online city, full of other characters – both computer and player-controlled. They even get the chance to join forces with legendary DC characters such as Batman and Superman, or aid the plight of villains like the Joker.

Although the game will be free to play at the most basic level, there will be three tiers of membership available within the game, and they are: Free, Premium and Legendary. All users can download the game and updates for free, however additional downloadable content will be provided for free to Legendary users – who also recieve many other benefits, and in turn, Premium users will benefit from more inventory and character slots than free users. the free level is limited to only two characters per account, but extras can be purchased seperately if the player so wishes.

For those of you have been paying subscribers in the past, you will see some extra benefits over new players also. firstly, gamers who have paid any subscribtion fees befroe will be assigned Premium Access automatically. To go Legendary, gamers will still have to continue paying a $14.99 USD monthly fee, with the choice of long-term subscription discounts.

The game has been online for some time now, and has an established fan base, but this move is likely to bring back some players who took out the free trial and never felt the urge to renew their subscriptions. It is obviously far more likely that new players will find the game an attractive prospect too, so it will be interesting to see how successful the move to free-to-play will be. Will you go back into the world of DCUO because of the change? Why not discuss the issue in our forums.

DC Universe Online now offers a free-to-play option, to see what the game is all about, please check out the GodisaGeek.com review here.