Sims 3: Showtime Is All About The Stage

by on January 4, 2012

Sims-3-Showtime-Is-All-About-The-StageEA, and more specifically The Sims franchise, is well known for it’s trait of delivering a new expansion pack at least three times a year, and it seems 2012 is no different. EA have announced that they will be releasing The Sims 3: Showtime later this year.

While the area of fame has been tackled in previous Sims games, it seems Showtime focuses mainly on stage performers, Singers and Magicians to be precise, with a side dish of moonlighting as a DJ.

At least this is what the press release leads us to believe. The Magician will start on the street performing basic tricks for passerby’s to earn a Simolean or two before taking his or her act to proper establishments to woo the management and attempt to perform to big audiences Meanwhile, the singers in all of you will be similarly working your way from the bottom, singing at clubs, pubs and karaoke bars before signing record deals, producing albums and singing at world renown venues to audiences screaming your name.

And the audiences never get smaller, with the a new ability called SimPort, you can visit your friends towns and cities to perform in their venues, make a bigger name for yourself, earn more money and get reviewed by other players Sims. The bigger the buzz you create elsewhere, the better things will be for you back home.

Along with the big changes come smaller ones as well, such as more desires, dreams and hates alongside new items and decorations to buy and transform your regular house into a stars dream home, or a brand new performance venue.

While the Press Release does mention the possibility of being an Acrobat as well, no further information is given on that particular career path.

The game is ready to pre-order from EA’s online store, Origin for £29.99, which will bag you the limited edition version of the game, including a unique stage and venue for your Sims to perform.