Super Meat Boy Sells a Million (Digital) Copies, Bastion Doing Great Too

by on January 3, 2012

Super-Meat-Boy-ReviewIt’s no secret that some of the GodisaGeek team very much enjoy some Super Meat Boy, and Bastion managed to come second in our Game of the Year awards for Best Downloadable Title.

However, in a tweet from the official Super Meat Boy account, Team Meat (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes) revealed that they passed the million sales mark “last month”. The tweet stated: “Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY”.

Team Meat aren’t the only indie studio doing well though, as SuperGiant Games’ magnificent title Bastion has also passed the 500,000 mark and won over 60 awards for the title.

Writer and designer for Bastion – Greg Kasavin – is understandably very happy too, posting this on the official SuperGiant Games blog:

We’re happy to have this many people playing and to be in a position to make more games on our own terms. When we set out to make Bastion, a sales number like that seemed astronomical to us, so it feels great to have hit that mark. It goes to show that a lot of folks out there like what we’re doing and want us to keep going, which is great, because we intend to stick together as a team and do just that.

Hopefully you have played and enjoyed both games, and if not, you can even try Bastion via OnLive right now, by clicking here.

SOURCE: GamesIndustry.biz

OnLive Instant Demo of Bastion

Both titles are available via Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC Download. Bastion is also available via OnLive.