New character from Risen 2: Dark Waters revealed

by on March 21, 2012

Today a fifth member of the cast of castaways that make up Risen 2: Dark Waters was revealed. As you can see the aptly named Bones will be making an appearance in this upcoming pirate themed epic. Bones was formally the ships doctor but was betrayed by his crew and left for dead. Bones was eventually saved by some natives but only in body. With a broken spirit Bones is a bit paranoid and fearful. Can this unstable character coexist with the games hero?

This upcoming pirate epic has caught my eye due to it’s character designs and theme.  We don’t have that many pirate based epics available to us and Risen 2: Dark Waters hopes to be a quality one. Being a fan of The Misfits, Papa Shango and The Punisher I happen to love skulls so this cooky guy seems pretty interesting. I really hope that naming the character who is a doctor Bones was an homage to Star Trek.  I should mention he used to be the guy who made the alcohol for the ship as well. Unstable witch doctor type who likes skulls and makes his own alcohol sounds pretty punk rock to me. This guy probably has all the luck with the ladies.

You can check out Bones and a ship ton of other interesting mates in the epic pirate RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters, due for UK release April 27th 2012 on PC and May 25th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.