PS3 to Pause Gameplay for Ads?

by on May 26, 2012

PS3-to-Pause-Gameplay-for-Ads?Sony Computer Entertainment America have submitted a patent that effectively pauses gameplay to display adverts.

The patent was filed last July and describes how Sony would like to interrupt gameplay, forcing players to watch advertisements.

Sony describe the system as:

“A method for use in advertising includes initiating playing of interactive content, suspending playing go the interactive content, displaying an advertisement, and resuming playing of the interactive content”.

It also mentions server sync, meaning this wouldn’t be something restricted to singleplayer experiences. It is possible you could be midway through a game of Call of Duty, only for the entire game to be paused while an ad was played.

Is this how Sony plan to keep SEN free in the future, if so would you rather pay a subscription fee like Xbox LIVE, to avoid games pausing for ads?