Sony Announce Sports Champions Sequel and DanceStar Party Hits

by on May 31, 2012

Sony Announce Sports Champions Sequel and DanceStar Party HitsDo you want a reason to play with your Move? Well, if so, you might be pleased with the fact that Sports Champions 2 and DanceStar Party Hits. Sports Champions 2 will have a number of new events like, Boxing, Golf, Bowling, Skiing and Tennis, and an updated Archery mode, which was arguably the most popular sport in the original game. There will be individual stat tracking and you’ll be able to create you own profile in the sequel. As well as that, there is a new Party Mode where you can create custom tournaments, whilst watching it all take place in full stereoscopic 3D.

DanceStar Party Hits is the sequel to DanceStar Party, where you use your Move to groove…that should be the tagline. Anyway, Party Hits will have 40 new tracks from artists such as,  Nicki Minaj, The Beach Boys, The Wanted and more. There are 160 routines in the game for you to use your Move to groove…dammit, I used that already. Also, while your dancing your little heart out, your friends can hook up some SingStar mics and blast out a tune.

One genuinely interesting thing is that, you can create your own routines in the game too. How flexible the creativity is in the game is obviously unfounded, but if they pull that off, it could be a nice feature.

At least we have more Move games on the horizon. Chin up Move owners.

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