Valve to Give Opening Evolve Keynote at Develop 2012

by on May 8, 2012

Valve-to-Give-Opening-Evolve-Keynote-at-Develop-2012The annual Develop Conference will be held in Brighton once again this year, with the Evolve opening keynote being given by Valve’s Jason Holtman.

This years three-day event starts July 1oth with the Evolve Conference, focusing on cutting-edge and innovative game development – new platforms, new technologies, new business models and new markets.

Jason’s keynote – Everyone’s Business is Business – will look at how organisations can lay the foundation for better business decisions and better products by fostering a system in which traditional business functions are not artificially separated from the individuals who develop content and features.

“Working in a flat, no-management structure means that everyone at Valve drives business, press-relations and marketing decisions in everything Valve does. This keynote will describe and discuss how many of those decisions were made for various Valve products (such as Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2), Steam features (such as Workshop), and third party games on Steam.”

For more information on the Develop Conference 2012 head on over to developconference.com