Bioware Mythic’s Eugene Evans to Headline This Year’s Develop Conference

by on June 13, 2012

Bioware-Mythic's-Eugene-Evans-to-Headline-This-Year's-Develop-ConferenceThis year’s seventh annual Develop Conference will be headlined by Eugene Evans of Bioware Mythic.

VP and studio general manager at EA’s Bioware Mythic, Evans has worked in the industry for 30 years. At Develop he will focus on how developers need to adapt, how they can stay relevant, the importance of IP, and remaining ever optimistic of the future.

Every game developer and published in the world is
confronting the disruptive ramifications of change from going free-to-play,
digital distribution, the ever changing landscape with new platforms, and living
in a post-iOS, post-Facebook more global era.

EA and Bioware are no different and I’m really looking forward to
sharing the experience I’ve gained with my time at the studio – and with many
other organisations over the last thirty years – to perhaps provide some insight
from that experience to guide developers through what is just the latest of a
long line of transitionary periods facing this industry and to prepare for, and
succeed in, the future.

If you work in the industry currently or would like to in the future, Develop is definitely worth attending.

Develop takes place on July 10th – 12th 2012. Early bird rates are available until 13 June 2012.