E3 2012: Check Out ZombiU in All its Gruesome Glory

by on June 5, 2012

E3-2012-Check-Out-ZombiU-in-All-its-Gruesome-GloryIf Mario and Pikmin aren’t really your thing, or you just like the odd bit of brutal undead mutilation after saving Princess Peach, ZombiU has you covered.

Ubisoft’s savage zombie title for the Wii U is looking mighty impressive, with great visuals and interesting gameplay.

Entering a door code using the Wii U’s GamePad seems like a rather obvious and bland use of the second screen. However when you’re being chased down by zombies and your TV is showing them edge ever closer, I’d imagine it becomes quite an enthralling experience. That was just one of the of the gameplay mechanics shown off today Nintendo’s conference.

The Wii U seems to have quiet an expansive lineup of games for its launch, will ZombiU be making it into your collection?

Check out the launch trailer and gameplay video to see the game in action.

ZombiU doesn’t have a set release date yet but is due to hit during the Wii U’s launch window.