First 10 Minutes: London 2012

by on July 8, 2012

Oh memories, like the shadow of our minds. Who doesn’t remember battering the life out of a poor controller playing an Olympics video game. We all had our own techniques too, mine was the end of a Bic Biro, rubbed vigorously across the face of the offending buttons on the joypad.

But SEGA have changed things up for the most recent Olympic video game, with London 2012, you are – or can be, if you want to – the controller, thanks to Kinect or PlayStation Move. But this video is just a short 10 minute burst, showing some running, swimming and shooting.

The GodisaGeek verdict, courtesy of the more than capable Robin Parker, is in progress but if you’re gagging for more athletics fun, you can read his Retro Corner.

London 2012 is out now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.