OXM and Borderlands 2 Want to “Turn Gamers into Vault Hunters”

by on July 26, 2012

OXM-and-Borderlands-2-Want-to-Turn=Gamers-into-Vault-HuntersOfficial Xbox Magazine has teamed up with Gearbox Software, giving players the chance to win some rather cool prizes.

Next month’s OXM will be available with a variety of different covers, all featuring characters from the upcoming Borderlands 2.

Ten very special copies will sport the ‘Claptrap Gold Vault Hunter’ cover. Ben Lawrence of 2K Games said:

We want to turn gamers into ‘Vault Hunters’ and encourage them to get out and hunt the golden covers down. Those who successfully find a golden cover will win a HDTV and a signed copy of the game from Randy Pitchford.

So don’t forget to swing by your local newsagent and get searching. The special issues of Official Xbox Magazine hit shop shelves August 8th.