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The Dead Rise Again with Dead Island: Riptide

by on September 4, 2012

The Dead Rise Again with Dead Island: RiptideDeep Silver have announced that a follow-up to the Zombie survival co-op experience Dead Island is on its way, with Dead Island: Riptide due for release next year.

The game will feature all of the characters from the first title, as well as introducing a fifth survivor for players to take control of, with a new set of unique skills to learn. In co-op, there will also be a new Hub Defense mode, where teamwork is needed to defend a base, by placing fences, traps and gun turrets to keep out the Zombie hordes. There will also be a host of new communication features in co-op, so teams can strategise and co-ordinate their attacks even more efficiently than before.

Here is a brief synopsis for the new game: Having survived the ordeals of the zombie infestation on the once beautiful island resort of Banoi, our group of survivors thought they had finally found a safe place to escape from this terrifying nightmare. But they were wrong. Shortly after the battle-hardened team had landed their helicopter on a military ship, a furious storm hits and havoc quickly spreads on board. Suddenly they find themselves struggling for their lives again with all hope drowning in the rising waves.

We reviewed Dead Island, which showed some strong potential, so there is certainly hope that the sequel could be a success. It will be exciting to see what improvements make it into the game. If you’ve not had enough of Dead Island itself for now, you could still pick up the Ryder White DLC.

See a selection of screenshots from the new title below:

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Dead Island Riptide will be released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.