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New Info-Graphic From Nintendo Charts The History of Paper Mario

by on December 4, 2012

With the release of Paper Mario Sticker Star being just three days away here in Europe, Nintendo have released a rather swanky looking info-graphic that charts the history of the Paper Mario series.

Dating backing 11 years to 2001, the Paper Mario series of games has been around for quite a while now. When it first appeared as the N64’s swan-song Nintendo title, it was met with great critical and popular acclaim, and as such has gone on to spawn three sequels, the form of The Thousand Year Door on the Gamecube, Super Paper Mario on the Wii, and lastly this week’s release, Paper Mario Sticker Star on the 3DS.

Below you will find the info-graphic Nintendo have just sent over to us, click on it to see a bigger version. Take a look and let it fill you in on all the stuff you might have missed. Will you be picking up Mario’s latest paper adventure on Friday? Let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

*This Infographic comes courtesy of Nintendo UK

Paper Mario Sticker Star is due for release December 6th in the EU, December 11th in the US, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS