Gaikai’s Dave Perry Announces Improved Remote Play

by on February 20, 2013

Gaikai's Dave Perry Announces Improved Remote PlayCEO and founder of Gaikai Dave Perry took to the stage at PlayStation Meeting to announce Gaikai’s involvement in PlayStation 4. whilst browsing the PlayStation Store, you can play any game there and then, thanks to Gaikai’s streaming service.

He claimed that they are eager to create a social network, dedicated to games. He then began talking about the act of spectation. Via the share button on the controller, live streaming will be very important.

They’ve partnered with UStream, to give gamers the chance to multicast.

Remote Play’s potential is being “unlocked”. The Vita will now act like the Wii U Game Pad as on-stage, the newly announced PS3 title Knack was shown being played on Sony’s handheld. Perry also mentioned how the grand plan is to make PlayStation gaming ubiquitous by playing your PlayStation games through all manner of devices – smartphones, as well as all of the regulars.

PlayStation 3 games will not be supported by the PS4 because of the new system’s x86 CPU architecture, Dave Perry stated. However, that’s where the streaming service comes in as you can play PSOne, PlayStation 2 and PS3 game thanks to the cloud.