Prey 2 Possibly Still Alive as Teaser Site Pops Up

by on February 2, 2013

Prey 2 Possibly Still Alive as Teaser Site Pops UpThe development of Prey 2 has been an on-going clusterflub. The original came out back in 2006 and the sequel was officially announced in March of 2011, yet then it was rumoured to be cancelled, then Bethesda said it wasn’t, and then it was removed from the publisher’s products page on their website.

Things could be looking up for the title, at last. Through AllGamesBeta,  we’ve seen a teaser site titled aliennoire.com . On the surface, the splash page is just jargon, yet the source code revealed interesting meta keywords such as; Prey 2. Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios.

There also appears to be an announcement coming on March 1 at 6pm as the code reveals that the countdown (which we can presume is the aforementioned jargon) will end.

Anything that has been shown off to date has been mesmerising. The visuals have been downright incredible and the majority of people are keen to see Prey 2 come to light, so hopefully we’ll have some answers on March 1.