Creepy Platformer, Puppeteer, to Launch on PS3 in September

by on March 26, 2013

There’s something about Puppeteer that creeps me out.

Maybe it’s the art style, reminiscent of a more malevolent LittleBigPlanet. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been wary of puppets ever since the first time I sat on Brighton Beach and watched Punch beat the snot out of Judy while everyone clapped and laughed. Or maybe it’s because the story of Puppeteer itself is so dark.

The SCE Japan Studio-developed platformer tells the tale of the Moon Bear King, an evil overlord-type who kidnaps the souls of children and traps them inside wooden puppets in his twisted castle. The protagonist is Kutaro, a young boy whose head is torn off by the King after being transformed. After finding a replacement head, Kutaro escapes alongside the enigmatic cat Yin-Yang, stealing the King’s magical scissors Calibrus in the process.

What follows is an exercise in head-swapping, puzzle-solving creepiness as Kutaro and Yin-Yang attempt to free themselves from the clutches of the Moon Bear King. The control scheme is unique, as the left stick controls Kutaro, and the right controls Yin-Yang, who can be used to uncover secret passages, collectibles and Kutaro’s interchangeable heads.

According to webiste Gematsu, this harrowing little adventure will be available to download on PlayStation 3 from September 10. Hopefully, a Vita version will follow, as Puppeteer seems like perfect head-scratching, gap-jumping fodder for Sony’s Handheld.

Check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Puppeteer below.

Puppeteer will be available to download for PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network on September 10 2013.