Payday 2, Puppeteer & More Coming To PS+ Later This Month

by on April 23, 2014

It seems that every month, Sony manage to get some pretty awesome games for their PlayStation Plus subscribers, and ever month we keep telling you all how much of a good idea it is to subscribe.

If you want further proof, check out the next batch of games added to the Instant Games Collection, as announced by the EU PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation 4
– Stick It To The Man

PlayStation 3
– Puppeteer
– Payday 2

PlayStation Vita
– Muramasa Rebirth
– Everybody’s Golf

Some fine titles, I’m sure you’ll agree. All of these games will be available on Wednesday, 30th April, at which time the following games will be removed from PS Plus:

– Mercenary Kings
– Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
– Bioshock Infinite
– Hotline Miami
– MotoGP13