Jak and Daxter Trilogy Coming to Vita With Added Touching

by on April 19, 2013

jax trilogy vita 300x250Naughty Dog remind everyone that they’re not making a new Jak game by releasing the three PS2 games again, again.

Announced via the Playstation Blog, the Vita Jak and Daxter Triolgy will be released in June.

This trilogy will contain – as the name suggests – Jax and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jax II, and Jax 3. Yep, they still can’t decide between numerals and numbers.

While this is artificially the same three pack that hit PS3 last year the Vita release appears to be a separate entity. The game doesn’t share its trophies with the PS3 version, meaning the games are listed separately on your profile. This likely means that cross play isn’t a thing as it is with the recent Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

This Vita release does pack in some extras, though, in the form of “cool new touch based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection.” Their words, not mine.

The one extra that would have been quite nice? An HD scrub up of PSP great Daxter.

This collection is nice – it was a fun re-play on the PS3 last year after all – but at a time when Nintendo is knocking it out the park with the 3DS can Sony really sustain the Vita through what largely amounts to the PS3’s table scraps?

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