Nintendo of America To Sell Refurbished Systems

by on April 29, 2013

Grab yourself a bargain, with a refurbished system straight from Nintendo.

Some interesting news comes from across the pond (courtesy of Nintendo Everything, via Eurogamer). It appears Nintendo of America have begun a unique initiative, where they are now selling a selection of refurbished handheld systems on their official store.

These consoles have been fully cleaned and tested by Nintendo, and come with a year’s warranty – However, although these units are guaranteed to be fully worked, they may have “cosmetic blemishes”.

It’s certainly a good idea for those who want to go the second hand route for their Nintendo 3DS or DSi XL – It remains to be seen whether this concept is adopted by Nintendo of Europe. A NoE spokesman advised Eurogamer that there are no plans at present to carry this over at present.