Puppeteer Pre-Order Incentives and Loads of New Trailers

by on June 5, 2013

Puppeteer is all set to be released later this year and PlayStation Blog has detailed some of the incentives to pre-order the platformer at participating retailers.

Those who wish to book their game in advance will receive the official soundtrack, composed by Patrick Doyle – of Harry Potter, Thor and other motion picture score fame. On top of that, a dynamic theme and three avatars are also thrown into the package for good measure.

At GDC back in March, two of the four Hero Heads used by Kutaro were revealed to be the Shield Power of the Moon Knight and the Bomb Power of the Moon Ninja. Along with the E3 trailer for the game, SCE has released two other trailers that take a look at the Pirate and Wrestler Heads, respectively.

Puppeteer certainly looks like one to watch. It’s wonderful art style is definitely eye-catching, so let’s hope it plays just as well.