Microsoft Will Apparently Reveal Indie Strategy in the Near Future

by on July 18, 2013

For those that are sweating about Microsoft’s treatment of independent studios, your fears should subside pretty soon, at least that’s according to Lionhead’s creative director Gary Carr – who spoke with OXM. Carr implied that Microsoft’s corporate VP Phil Harrison will be revealing plans, very soon:

“I certainly know that Microsoft want to talk at future press events about their relationships with indies. I can’t really talk about that, but they’re very passionate about building a strong relationship with indie development – indie development is the future.

I’ve been an indie developer for 23 of my 28 year career, so I completely – there is no future to the games business without independent developers, they always will shape the industry, and the big corporations will follow. So that relationship is important.”

Shortly after Microsoft turned its DRM policy on its head, rumours have been rampant on a self-publishing model that was previously pooh-poohed by the company, is in fact going to be introduced. Seeing Sony’s push for independent developers, it would be silly of Microsoft to not make the Xbox One look attractive to the smaller guys.