Rumoured Reshuffle Will See Head Of Windows Take Over Xbox

by on July 4, 2013

The recent departure of Xbox head honcho Don Mattrick for social games company Zynga has prompted Microsoft into making some big changes at the top of their gaming division. Earlier in the week in was announced that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself would take over the reins of Xbox temporarily, but it looks like that may be a very brief stint.

Bloomberg have revealed that there are rumours of a big corporate reshuffle at the top of Microsoft, which would see several big names in the company moving into new positions. The most interesting one of these though Рin gaming terms Рis that the current head of Windows, Julie Larson-Green, may be in line to be put in charge of hardware engineering for the whole company, which would include the new Xbox One console.

Apparently Don Mattrick was one of those in line for this new position – before he left the company – but it now looks likely that someone who is completely fresh to the console market will be taking over, and will look to put the recent problems for Xbox One firmly behind them.

Once this news is official, GodisaGeek will be here to let you know all of the details.

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