FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Exclusive to Xbox

by on August 20, 2013

At Microsoft’s Gamescom conference, Electronic Arts announced FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends.

The millions of people that play FUT religiously can now bring in some players of yesteryear such as Ruud Gullit, Gary Linekar, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera, Pele and Freddie Ljungberg, to play alongside the Bales and Van Persies of this world.

Like glitters/shinies in a packet of Premier League stickers, legends will be included in gold packs, randomly. Or, FUT players can head to the transfer market to add them to their squad and then compete in special tournaments for the oldies.

Sticking it to Sony in a big way, Ultimate Team Legends is exclusive to Xbox 360 and more importantly, Xbox One. Those that scoff at FUT clearly aren’t aware of its appeal. The fact that Ultimate Team Legends is exclusive on Microsoft hardware is definitely a big deal.