Legacy of Kain – What Might Have Been, And What Might Still Be

by on August 16, 2013

Remember Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun? It was an aborted projhect that never got off the ground – yet we have learned today via Polygon that a NeoGAF user called Mama Robotnik (which we saw via Polygon) has posted a ton of information on the cancelled project online, including videos that show the menus, opening sequences and user interface.

The resourceful Robotnik located these files on a portfolio site “listed under the Climax Games codename for the project while it was in development”. But they are not the only person to have uncovered some unreleased Kain goodness. Legacy of Kain Wiki user Aevum also found a bunch of concept art pics by Flipbook Studio and stuck it online, despite Flipbook removing them after they went public. Only last month Robotnik was posting assets of other cancelled Legacy of Kain games from 1999-2003.

As we now know, Square Enix have announced a multiplayer, apparently “very violent” Legacy of Kain game known as Nosgoth. Squenix community manager Monkeythumbz – possibly not his real name – confirmed some details, as well as verifying that Mama Robotnik was on the money with their NeoGAF posts last month:

“Nosgoth will not be an MMORPG and Nosgoth does not look or play anything like Dota 2 or LoL. While Nosgoth is unlike and other competitive online multiplayer game that I’ve played or am familiar with, the closest comparison is probably Unreal Championship 2. Not sure id Nosgoth is all that similar, but I suppose it’s closer to that than a traditional LoK game, an MMO or a MOBA”