Xbox One Games Won’t be Region-Locked

by on August 16, 2013

There are no region-specific titles yet announced for Xbox One (obviously), but if Persona 4 Arena has taught us anything, it’s that fans of video games like them to be region-free.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Microsoft have revealed that games for the Xbox One won’t be locked to any region, so you could (in theory) happily import the console and play games in any of the countries that have been hit by the recent console launch delay.

When the console launches this November, we will support Xbox One in 13 markets. Xbox One may be used in all countries, including the non-launched markets. In addition, Xbox One games are not region locked. Any Xbox One game purchased at retail can be used in any country on any Xbox One.

That said, there needs to be a valid payment method corresponding to a supported launch country in order for any transactions to occur over Xbox Live, and some content may not be accessible outside launch markets due to geographic content restrictions imposed by content right holders.

Further to this info, Microsoft’s Director of Marketing, Albert Penello has taken to NeoGAF to let everyone know that the console delay has nothing to do with stock, and is an issue of getting the local languages sorted for the dash.

Launch volumes are not really an issue. This was simply a software issue in terms of getting local language and voice support in the dash. it’s pretty straightforward, but disappointing I know for people who are missing launch.

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