Tales of Xilla School Uniforms DLC Released

by on September 6, 2013

In a surprisingly cute reference to it being the end of the summer holidays here in Blighty, Namco Bandai have released the School Uniform DLC pack for Tales of Xillia.

This pack will change the attire of your heroes into something a bit more blazer and skirt-y. Beat up crazed fantasy apes in a lab coat! Oh what japes.

Sean wasn’t too hot on Xillia, scoring it a 6/10 in his review, but perhaps if he could have seen Millia rocking those stockings he might have upped it a point or two, eh Sean?

Check out the wonders of modern digital game expansion in the video below. And do give Namco Bandai a comment on the video, they really want to know who you think has the best new look!

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