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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Pics Reveal Open World Vehicles

by on October 1, 2013

A fresh batch of images from TT Games’ LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has revealed the vehicles that players will be able to ride around the game’s open world hub.

The LEGO version of New York will feature numerous references to the Marvel universe including locations to explore.

Among the vehicles is the Deadpool Scooter, Fantasticar and X-Jet, as well as a fan-made creation.

The Cloud Rider was designed by 14 year-old fan Thomas, who won a Facebook competition to have a vehicle included in the final game.

Other vehicles include the Magneto Mobile, Pumpkin Chopper, Spider Copter.

LEGO Marvel _DeadpoolScooter_01

LEGO Marvel _MagnetoMobile_01 LEGO Marvel _PumpkinChopper_01 LEGO Marvel _SpiderCopter_01